Policies & Permits

Services, Policies & Permits

Services Provided

    • The Township provides basic services such as police and fire protection, road and bridge maintenance, snow removal and permitting. Police protection for Township residents is primarily handled by the Wabasha County Sheriff's Department. Fire Protection is contracted through both the City of Elgin and the City of Plainview. Snow plowing and road maintenance is contracted through local businesses that handle road maintenance. From time to time, the township may contract with other service providers for activities such as tree and brush removal, noxious weed termination, sign maintenance, and the like. When residents respect public roadways and right-of-ways, it helps townships maintain a lower operating levy, which means lower taxes.

Services Not Provided

    • Elgin Township does not provide dust control. Property owners may contact private companies for dust control. It is recommended that the roads are allowed to be graded at least once before dust control is applied.

We remind residents that is unlawful to:

    • Push snow from private drives or property onto public roadways or right-of-ways

    • Remove aggregate from public roadways for personal use

    • Occupy, use, farm, or otherwise encroach on public road right-of-ways


    • The official publication for notices regarding notices, bid requests, election results, and etc. is the Plainview News. The official posting location for Elgin Township is the bulletin board located inside the entrance of the Elgin Fire Hall.

Zoning and Permits

    • General permitting for Elgin Township is handled by the Wabasha County Zoning Administrator.

Wabasha County Zoning Department

625 Jefferson Ave

Wabasha MN 55981

Phone: (651)-565-3062

Fax: (651)-565-3159