We are officially called the Township of Elgin, and we are largely an agricultural district situated as the southern most township in Wabasha County, Minnesota (see attached maps below). The township contributes to two watersheds almost equally: The Whitewater River Watershed in the Southern half; and the Zumbro River Watershed in the Northern half, both of which flow into the Mississippi River.

Activities & Attractions

    • The scenic Great River Ridge Trail traverses through the township, providing an opportunity for bicycling, walking, running, etc.
    • The North branch of the Whitewater River meanders through the township.

Some Statistics

    • The most recent census data indicate that the township consists of 266 households and has 733 people residing here, with a population density of 21 people/sq. mile.
    • The average household size is 2.75 people, and the median age in the township is 35.

Survey / Plat Information

    • Township 108 North, Range 12 West, Fifth Principal Meridian
    • Coordinates
    • Latitude 44.1580215 44° 09' 28.9" N
    • Longitude -92.2696160 92° 16' 10.6" W
    • Elevation 334 m
    • USGS GNIS FeatureID 664064

Neighboring Townships

    • Surrounding Townships Oakwood N
    • Highland NE
    • Plainview E
    • Quincy (Olmsted County) SE
    • Viola (Olmsted County) S
    • Haverhill (Olmsted County) SW
    • Farmington (Olmsted County) W
    • Zumbro NW

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